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  1. KrisMas

    Warm Greetings to everyone

    Warm welcome to you too bro.....
  2. "Because of their spray-able form it allows a thin even film of product to be applied to the paint which in turn provides the whole face of the buffing pad to come evenly in contact with the polishing medium thus creating a more evenly polished surface. This also means you'll use less product while still having a buffing barrier between the paint and polishing pads" Other than this, are there any other main noticeable differences/advantages between them and the normal liquid polishes/compound? And I'm also especially concerned over the higher possibility of product 'slinging' issues, how do you avoid/minimize it?
  3. KrisMas

    Hi from Malaysia

    Welcome bro.... Been using Opt products for a few years now...I can guarantee you'd like them...
  4. KrisMas

    Optimum Car Wash

    I've been using Opt Wash on my 2 rides and almost finish my 1st gal. My baseline mix is 2oz:3gals and I'd adjust the ratio (up or down) depending on how dirty is my car.
  5. Hi everybody, greetings from the tropical country of Malaysia where the Grand Prix would be held this weekend. Being into detailing for a few years now (more on a personal basis) and just gotten and tried the Optimum Car Wax a week ago and might I just say it's an astounding product. Hope to gain more knowledge from the 'shifus' here.