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  1. Thanks, yes I realized after I posted that OCW was car wax, but at least you understood the question. The proportioners are working fine for all my other gallon jugs (OPC, ONR, OID). I have been using the 3oz measuring cup that came with the pinnacle micro rejuivinator for my car wash in the past, I guess I will just have to continue using that. Thanks for replying.
  2. I just ordered some pro-blend bottle proportioners from AG to go on all of my gallon jugs of optimum products. First one (and only so far) I have tried out is OCW and no matter how long or hard I squeeze nothing is filling into the reservoir. Is this stuff just too thick? Has anyone used this or another proportioner before? Am I just using it wrong? I haven't tried yet, but I imagine it should work fine with OPC and ONR.
  3. lgtspecb

    newb with a few questions

    I've been lurking here for a while, but I just popped my posting cherry so I will chime in I haven't used OP2 (I still have enough of the old stuff left), nor have I tried the wool pad, so maybe someone else will comment there. As for the OP2/PS, it is perfectly acceptable (and IMO preferable) to apply PS right over the OP. The two will buff completely clear with a finishing pad leaving very little cleanup to do. You could even put some OCW right over the PS to save another step and risk of marring, but i'm sure you would want to buff off the PS if you were going to use OS.
  4. or PS, OS, OCW, OID? Very nice job on the RX8 btw. One of those gray RX8's might have been one I did a while back with PS, OS. The owner was very happy and tipped me well, but it didn't turn out nearly as great as yours.