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  1. So many products so don't use in direct sunlight. I assume it is because of the heat. Now with a polish I can understand as if it dried too fast you wouldn't have sufficient time to break it down. With a product like a wax though what does it matter. Especially with a wipe on wipe off product why would it matter. If the heat was a problem wouldn't the heat be a problem even if you applied it in the shade and then later moved the car in the sun. Now I've used a lot of products and some don't perform well at all in the sun. Others though despite the warnings work just fine.
  2. Crispy

    No Rinse and wheels

    I use ONR to clean all my customers wheels, tires and wells. Lately I've just been using the leftover from the previous wash in a bucket with an assortment of brushes. Alternatively I'll use a 2gallon tank sprayer and assortment of brushes. On most vehicles I don't have to use anything else. On some I'll use an APC on the tires and wells rinsing with the 2gallon sprayer. For brushes I use a boars hair brush on the wheels, a stiffer brush on the tire and well plus a powerpuff sponge brush for tight wells and inside of wheels.
  3. One is a no rinse product, the other is a traditional wash product. I use ONR on my cars and in my mobile car wash business. I see no benefit to a traditional wash over ONR. Possibly on a badly neglected car with grease and grime a traditional wash would work better but in 500 plus washes I've not found one. I occassionally use my hose or pressure washer on a car at work if there is a lot of dirt and mud but still use ONR once the bad stuff is gone.
  4. Crispy

    carpet dyes. Do they work?

    Not sure about the particular dye TOL sells but I had an old GMC truck with faded blue carpet in it. I mixed up some cheap RIT dye and sponged it on. Turned out great except I picked Royal Blue and it was a bit bright. In hindsight I should have done a test area and let it dry. I'm sure with a good sprayer and a good quality dye things will turn out great.
  5. Crispy

    davidb pricey new line

    I'm not in the target market for that line of car care product. Too many products have had wonderful claims and have left me dissappointed. The prices are too high for me to even consider trying them.
  6. Crispy

    Claying with OCW

    I had a simple wash and wax to do on a car today. I ate up a lot of time doing some extra stuff on the interior. I got the outside washed (ONR) and the build up on the lower panels cleaned off. I was going to use poliseal and call it a day. As is often the case something bugged me more than it bugged the owner. The paint needed claying and even though it was not included I just had to do it. I didn't have time to clay and then poliseal so I decided to use OCW as the lube. I've tried this before with other spray waxes and the clay would get ruined and the lubrication was almost non existant. Much to my surprise it worked rather well. Anyone else try this?
  7. Crispy


    I washed the Taurus again today with ONR after yesterdays roadtrip. The dirt and bugs cames off very easy and the protection was very noticeable. The water separated nicely. I put on another coat of Optiseal using maybe 25 pumps. Car looks great.
  8. Crispy


    I got my Optiseal this past week and got a chance to use it Saturday. Initially I thought it may be too good to be true. I had read the glowing reviews and just figured there would be a catch somewhere. I washed our 2005 Taurus with ONR. We bought the car used a few months ago and ONR is all I've used to clean it. It also has a few coats of wax on it. I used Wolfgang Polish Enhancer to clean thing up a little and spot clayed a few areas. I applied the OptiSeal in no time at all. I used roughly 40 pumps for the paint and wheels. It was a snap to use and the car looks great. Several hours later it looked even better. I thought I had used too much and noticed a few streaks. I fixed a few easy enough but a few I didn't get too. We were leaving and planned on cleaning the car and putting a second coat on tomorrow. After 350 miles and 100's of bug splats I'm looking forward to seeing how it cleans up. The bugs were horrible at some points it sounded like it was raining. Looking forward to using Optiseal on some of my customers cars and our other vehicles in the upcoming weeks.
  9. Crispy

    Finally, OPTI-SEAL is ready for release!!

    Woohoo got mine in today, hoping to put it on one of our cars tomorrow.
  10. I haven't seen any talk about this product. I've only seen it offered on Danase and was wondering if anyone has used it. I've been very pleased with all the Optimum products that I have tried so far and would like to give their dressing a shot.
  11. Crispy

    Finally, OPTI-SEAL is ready for release!!

    Excellent I just ordered, look forward to this product.
  12. Crispy

    The ONR Leap of Faith

    ONR is absolutely a fantastic product. I've done 100's of washes with it now in my mobile business and don't know how I worked without it. A few weeks ago I had a car that was a little dirtier than normal and I was crunched for time. I thought I'd do a normal soap wash and save a few minutes. I washed a single panel rinsed it and poured out the soapy water. Normal washing just didn't feel right anymore.