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  1. Distinctiv Detailing

    OptiCoat Round II

    The water usually flies/slips right off when I put the hose to it (OC'd surface) Another little test I like to do is I spray a little distilled water and blow it. With little effort it should skid right across the surface
  2. Distinctiv Detailing

    Rupes LHR21ES with pads

    Rupes LHR21ES with very minimal use. I've noticed negligible differences with my LHR15ES for the type of work I do, so I'm sticking to my 15 SOLD Includes: Rupes LHR21ES, 2 adams 6.5" (red and green), 6" LC white
  3. Distinctiv Detailing

    Temporary coating for road trips.

    I picked up a can fairly recently, but havn't got a chance to use it yet. I use Wolf's "The Mask" for temporary protection for road trips. Doesn't work too well for rocks, but it makes bug n guts cleaning a breeze p.s. nice comp name
  4. Distinctiv Detailing

    Best Applicator for Opti-Bond Tire Gel?

    The yellow foam applicators works great for me!
  5. Distinctiv Detailing

    Latest infromation about Opti-Coat

    Chris, Whats your light-of-choice for inspection? I've have a set up with tungsten, halogen, LED, and fluorescent, but the reflection of the sunlight from outside seem to work out the best so far. I try to utilize that whenever possible, otherwise I resort to my multiple light apparatus
  6. Distinctiv Detailing

    OptiGuard on Single Stage Paint

    I just picked up a '91 miata w/ single stage red paint as a beater/daily last week. Havn't got around to detailing it yet, but I was gonna do some protection testing on it. -> Opticoat, F* UPP, Optiseal, Menz Sealing Wax, Pinnacle Souveran I'll update with my findings. Will probably get to detailing it over this weekend