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  1. I'm in the UK and H2go and it's very cheap over here and does a very good job. As said H2go is a dedicated glass sealant and is not designed to work on paint. Sorry but I don't really see how this is a useful test. H2go V RainX maybe but I know the answer to that one
  2. Ash

    ONRWW as presoak

    OK Thanks, I've been using ONR for many years and love the stuff! The main reason I asked is because I just spotted a great deal on ONRWW, which works out cheaper than ONR
  3. Is ONRWW OK to use as presoak or should I use ONR for that? Also does ONRWW work OK on wheels?
  4. Ash

    ONR business?

    I can believe that
  5. Ash

    New & Improved Opti-Seal

    Thanks I spotted that before your post
  6. Ash

    New & Improved Opti-Seal

    OK I misread the thread . I will keep a look out and hopefully the UK will have it soon.
  7. Ash

    New & Improved Opti-Seal

    I'm in the UK and can't find the new version. Where did you buy it?
  8. Ash

    New Formula ONR

    OK Thanks Chris.
  9. Ash

    New Formula ONR

    Clean your car! I'm a mod on their forum LOL
  10. Does anyone if the new ONR is available in the UK yet and how can I tell from the label?
  11. Yes There are a number of Optimum fans in the UK. I try to spread the word here where I'm a forum moderator
  12. Thanks guy's I'll give it a try
  13. Has anyone used Poli-seal with the new microfibre polishing pads on a DA? If yes, is it a good worth while combo or not?
  14. Ash

    Opti-Coat feel

    Thank's. Sounds great