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  1. I just started using the new Optimum Protect Plus(OPP) to condition and protect my leather and interior (dash and trim). I currently use the Zaino Leather in a Bottle and 303. The OPP is much easier to apply with a spray solution for perforated seats. I don't spend lots of time like I did with Zano trying to not get the conditioner stuck in the perforated portions. With OPP, I just spray and wipe down. The 303 was similar, but the OPP is slightly thicker and doesn't run when you spray it on the seat backs like the 303. The OPP really conditions the leather, has a nice leather smell, and protects against sun damage. Plus, now I can use the same product to condition and protect my seats, dash, and doors. I'm also glad that OPP provides sun protection against UV rays to protect against fading and cracking. The finish that the new OPP gives is a nice satin finish that is slightly less glossy than 303. OPP is easier to apply than 303 and leaves a nice even finish even when you directly spray OPP onto the dash. The new OPP is not greasy or slick to the touch. For the lack of a better description, the interior looks new after being treated with OPP. So far, I find the new OPP a great product that will replace my Zaino and 303. BTW, when you accidentally spray OPP onto your interior windows, the OPP easily buffs right off like a spray wax (unlike 303 that smears).
  2. richb

    Revised Protectant Plus?

    I just ordered a gallon of the revised OPP today. I can't wait to try it out!
  3. richb

    Revised Protectant Plus?

    Does anyone have info on availability of the revised OPP? Thanks
  4. richb

    Leather Conditioner?

    Does Optimum make a dedicated leather conditioner? If not, is there one in the pipeline?
  5. richb

    Revised Protectant Plus?

    OK...Please roll-out you product soon. I would like to order some!
  6. richb

    Revised Protectant Plus?

    Thanks for the info! I'll wait until the revised formula comes out.
  7. Hi, I heard that a revised Protectant Plus was in the works a few months ago. Anyone have more info on this? Thanks, Rich
  8. I was going to use Protectant Plus on my leather seats. Can anyone give me feedback/ application tips for leather? Also, will Protectant Plus make my leather seats a bit softer like a leather conditioner would? Can I use Protectant Plus on my leather while using a traditional leather conditioner (without UV protection)? If so, should I use a conditioner first then apply the Protectant Plus? I was mainly gong to apply Protectant Plus to protect my leather against the sun. However, I found out that Zaino z10 will condition and protect my leather from UV rays. Thanks!
  9. richb

    The ONR Leap of Faith

    Hi All, I started using ONR about 6 mos ago. It is a great product! Unless my car has mud all over or in the wheel wells, I won't need to return to the traditional wash routine. ONR has saved me countless hours keeping my ride clean! All my friends/family are amazed at how easy ONR works and are now dedicated ONR users. ONR is probably the most revolutionary product that I have ever tried. I'm eager to try the rest of Optimum's product line. I am already switching from 303 to Protectorant + for my dash and leather protection. Rich