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  1. kerry

    optimum boost

    oops. dident see car. is there anyplace here that is about computers-internet-optimum-google and so on
  2. kerry

    optimum boost

    i have a web cam built in server public ip ftp email and it gets across my firewall. i allready chated with a optimum tech and he told me its ok and will work on optimum server. does that mean if i get boost i wont have to configure anything for my web cam to still work on the server. in other words if it is working now on the optimum server will it work in boost with doing no changes
  3. kerry

    can i add one

    we had bee problems. i put garlic around the nest when there sleeping at night it cost but it worked
  4. kerry

    ok i did it

    hi i finaly figgured oiut how to post. i am a retired construction worker stamford ct. i had a heck of a time learning how to work this board anyway i joined in hopes to learn more about optimum. just got it is the topic in this group on cars only