Can Opti-Clean be used in the sun?

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My initial impression - yes, but it needs more work to remove streaking.  After the main wiping with OC  has been completed, small spritzes of water can help to remove the streaking.  I haven't yet tried simply working in smaller areas and working faster, but my initial impression is that it will still be difficult.

I often just use water for my "waterless" washes in the sun, because it's easier to buff away the streaking. IMHO this is still MUCH better for the paint than any budget touch-wash I've been to. I'm not willing to pay a pro detailer just to wash it. 

Note that I aim to keep my car at about 70%. It's a high mileage workhorse - not a show car. 

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It dries very quickly (visualy evaporates) on hot panels so i would have to say NO.

In this case its better to use ONR as a rinseless wash and dry as you go (work in small sections, wash&dry).

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