Lots of streaking after application. :(

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Opti Dual Pro Applicator is made of uber soft polyurethane foam on one side and high density ultra-low absorbent neoprene on the other. The high density neoprene side can be used to lower high spots.

Washing the pad in APC will allow re-use and when the pad loses it's integrity (foam disintegrating) it's time to throw away. Microfiber towels can also be re-used after wiping Coatings, just wash in warm, soapy water.

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Glad I did not have these problems with my opti gloss coating

From what I have read the people that used the opti paint prep  did not have any issues

I also cleaned  cleaned my Paint

Washed with dish soap , clayed , polished washed again with opti carwash the paint was squeaky clean then the paint prep 

I did not have to do any paint correction large.596a93082c55b_elementwaitimgtowaxIMG_20170715_180110027.jpg.549c4e593ea60b28b56d3fef6c3bdc5c.jpg

The opti gloss self leveled no mater what I did thick or thin  I really did not do any leveling  just a gentle wipe

 I am no pro but this is the way I thought best from this form and others

You have to take your time it's worth it 


Was clean as could be then the paint prep  all done in shade


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