Tom Weed

Surbuff pads for Sale

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Hi everyone,

I have the following Surbuff pads I've basically never used but one pad and am cleaning up my detailing stuff. All pads are brand new with one 5.5" pad being used once. I also will throw in a bottle of CarPro Fogfight which is 90% full.


6, 6.5" surbuff pads

4, 5.5" surbuff pads

6, 4" surbuff pads


$50.00 shipped to the US and I will throw in the Fogfight, PM me if interested.



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I know Chris, I have downtime since it's the winter and had been meaning to go through my stuff and organize it before spring but have the honeydo list of painting and a few "projects" inside the house. That wasn't intentional. I will be giving the new Optimum MF pads a try when I need to reorder more and it did sell on Autopia.




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