Which additional pads?

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I am about to buy my first DA polisher (probably the Griots 6) and am planning to purchase Optimum MF pads and the "Hyper Twins" to use with it. I would appreciate advice on which foam pads I should buy to complement the MFs. Based on what I have been reading, I am very interested in the Edge 2000 system but am not sure of which ones to buy or whether Edge is appropriate for a novice.


Thanks in advance!

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I still stock all the foam pads because I find on softer paints they finish better than the MF polishing pad (on some paints not all). I am not familiar with the Edge 2000 system you speak of but I use Lake Country CCS pads or Hydro ones. I stick to grey and white mostly. Good to have an orange, green and red one for cutting and the red for applying glazes and waxes just in case. I find that the grey pad works great with Optimum Finish polish (sometimes referred to as the black pad). White pad works well with Hyper Spray.


Hopefully I answered some of your questions and good luck!

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