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I've been on detailing forums for about 10 years but I'm pretty new to this one. I know Anthony Orosco started this one, and I know Chris Thomas took over the administration of it some years ago. I know both of those people have had close relationships with Optimum and Dr. G over the years, although I don't know the actual nature of those relationships (whether they were paid or not, although Chris has made a comment that he's "no longer being paid for online support").


It seems the forum administration is changing again. This isn't a particularly active forum compared to some of the larger forums out there, but I'd like to know what is going to happen here and what the plans are. Does anyone know?

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A quick reply is "not much" - Chris is developing an active retail business so Optimum will be calling on several well known/respected detailing pros to answer questions and give advice. All that is getting firmed up and the forum will be brought up to speed as soon as the pieces are in place. In the meantime, please keep asking/answering questions and relate your Optimum experiences.

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