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The Scratchinator & Mat's Magic prototype's

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In an effort to find long lasting solutions to surface care problems on various parts of auto's, I did alot of R&D and found the ingredients I needed to make the following


Trim Dream - for machine polishing unpainted exterior trim moldings & protect for two years

Makes a mirror finish and dressings obsolete

main ingredient is morpholine.

Banish, Abolish and Zero DFX polishes for hand or machine use. can work forever and removes 1200 to 3000 grit.

difference - longest working time, can use with any pad, bottle label is colour coded so users will know which pads are best to use with them.


Quick Shot (pad conditioner spray, foam/towel & machine applyable QD for paint enhancement beyond what polishes can do)

Contains special paint sealant that lasts for six months on it's own.

Wiping this on to faded exterior trims will restore them


Showcar suds (special wash & sealant with no sodium, lye's, phosphates and does not strip protection, restores slickness.

will not dry out trims


Water Vanish (drying aid spray)

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