Chris Bauman

Opti Seal over Plasti-Dip

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I recently was applying Opti-Seal for the first time on the front bumper of my 13 year old Grand Prix and had recently applied Plasti-Dip to the lower valance.While applying the Opti-Seal I got some on the PD. Didn't notice it as was doing in garage and poor lighting. Next day in moderate sunshine noticed the PD was shiney around the edges? This was the area I was overcoating with the Opti-Seal. I have PD on the inside door handles and they were typical PD tacky to the touch. Put on a light coat of Poli-Seal and wow. Shiney, no tackiness and looks great. Not sure how long it will last but the short term is looking good on the front bumper which gets the worst of the elements. Anyone else tried it on Plasti-Dip coated parts?

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