Polo Perfected @ the detailien HIVE

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VW Polo perfected and protected with Optimum OptiCoat PRO @ the detailien HIVE.

Black.... always a difficult color to perfect as the black will expose any imperfections in the paint as well as any improper paint correction.

We take the utmost care at the detailien HIVE to ensure every car is fully and properly corrected before coating. The paint correction step is the most labor intensive and most important aspect of any coating job as any remaining paint imperfections will be sealed in by the coating.


Applying the OptiCoat PRO...


Under halogens to check the paint. Proper lighting is critical to properly inspect the paint.


Lights also protected with OptiCoat PRO.


Outsides of the rims also coated to make cleaning easier.


All done!


A sun shot just to show the paint is fully corrected.


More rides to come!

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