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Towel Man

Microfiber Super Sale- closeout for business

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After talking with Anthony and getting his permission, I am posting the following.


With the new detail business starting, and the towel business picking up, my wife and I are selling our site next month. However, we have many (over 600) loyal customers and want to get them a 6 week deal on towels, or until stock runs out. As a new member, I told Anthony that it would be a great deal for the Optimum members to take note...


We are selling our 16" suede edged plush towels (325 grams) for $1.25 each, our 16" waffle weave glass towel for $1.25 each, our 6.5 sq. foot microfiber towel for $4.25 each and much more! Many of them are about 60% off. These are not cheap towels that you find in stores with cheap stitching and light weights..about 250 grams.



Best of all, there are no minimums, so try ONE towel and you still have time to buy more if you like them. We have been using our larger ww towels with No Rinse and they work great for drying.


The direct link to the store is:


Thanks to Anthony for allowing us to share!!


We hope you guys can get some of these towels at these prices because once we sell out or sell the site, it's not going to be this way again.


Robert Regan

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