Speckles on dashboard

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Just got a new car and the detailers were suppose to apply permaplate to the dash but may have applied the wrong thing per what they told me. Regardless there are speckles on the whole dash looking like spray. It's a black dash and the speckles are a little darker or different sheen. When you rub them with a dry microfiber towel they go away. In a few hours they are back. Anyway I would like to remove them.


Is powerclean the right product for me? It makes me a little nervous due to the rinse factor. What happens if it's not rinsed enough?


In some places I see 3:1 dilution ratio others I see 10:1 dilution ratios. What would be correct for the dashboard?



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I would try Power Clean at something like 5:1 and see if that helps. As long as the surface is cool and you do not leave the Power Clean to dry then you will be fine. If you are concerned then simply give the surface two wipe downs with a damp cloth.


I do not know if Power Clean will remove the marks as it is not clear what they are but PC would be my starting point.


Edit. Sorry, forgot to say, welcome to the forum

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