G-p-s before opti gloss?

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Hello there,

I am new to the forum and detailing. I am doing this as a part time business hobby which I tackle on my days off on friends cars. I am hoping this will eventually turn into a full time venture as I have very high standards for detailing and really like to see excellent results.


I have detailed a few cars now with a porter cable da and other polishes with good results but want to take my detailing to the next level. I just acquired a flex 3401 and some optimum products, cleaners, opc, etc.


I just got some liquid polishes and gps and some opti gloss. My question is:

Should I remove the gps oils with a polish cleaner (such as eraser) before applying opti gloss?


Thank you very much

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The safer bet would be to get Hyper Polish and wipe that off with an ONR soaked towel prior to Gloss Coat. GPS contains some ingredients that won't easily dissipate with an IPA or Eraser wipe down.

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