Cquartz (or other sealants) vs POWER CLEAN?

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I posted this elsewhere, and did not get a reply because I assume it was in another post and got lost there so I decided to make a new post with my question.

I have to detail a car that has CQUARTZ FINEST and the owner is worried that if I use POWER CLEAN to remove bugs I might strip off the sealant.
My guess is that 'it might' used in pure form but I am not completely sure and maybe someone who has encounter this same scenario before can shed some light on this.

I am going to detail this car this FRIDAY, and although I can use TAR-X on quartz, just want to clear this out in case I encounter other problematic areas that might need the muscle of power clean.



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As I understand it the CarPro coating is chemically tough and so OPC would be unlikely to do any damage to it. As you suggest, there are CarPro products such as Trix etc which are all safe and therefore I think OPC would be safe as well.

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