New and Reformulated Optimum Products

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New, and new formula, Optimum products being introduced at SEMA 2015 and available at the online stores:


The Zentool ZEN-12EM 76mm dual action polisher is the latest long throw polisher from Zentool with a massive 12mm orbit for superior performance and faster results.

The Zentool ZEN-12EM mini dual action has a 76mm (3") backing plate to operate smaller pads and allow fast correction of tight spaces where larger machines can't operate effectively.

The ZEN-12EM operates a 700W motor which will provide plenty of power without bogging down, but still providing the safe operation of a dual actiuon polisher.


Gloss-Coat - NEW FORMULA! Better Durability - Better Protective Properties - Better Gloss


Optimum Paint Prep™ is an excellent cleaner for removing polish or old wax before applying any of Optimum Coatings or any other coatings or waxes. A combination of mild solvents dissolves and removes all the contaminants and leaves the paint squeaky clean and ready for the final protection.

Optimum Paint Prep™ does not contain any oils or surfactants and leaves no residue behind. You can use it for cleaning all interior or exterior surfaces whenever a clean surface is desired.

17 oz and Gallon sizes


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That's great news, Ron!


A few questions:


New Formula Gloss-Coat--does the increased durability etc. translate to better chemical resistance? Mostly interested in being able to use things like IPA, tar removers, and iron decon products, or perhaps even (non-HF) acid wheel cleaners without worrying about degrading the underlying coating.


Zentool Mini: Does this tool come with any handles, to enable you to hold it toward the front like the full size tool? (something like a bail handle)


Paint Prep: Would this "combination of mild solvents" work as a tar and adhesive remover on paint?

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The word in Gloss-Coat is durability up to 3 years, more scratch/mar/chemical resistant, and increased gloss. You should be able IPA, tar removers, FerreX, etc without reducing the protection.


The Mini Zen does not have an exterior handle


Yes, Prep should remove tar and adhesives

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will look into it - thanks


So are you going to be able to put up MSDS's for the new products like you did last year? Also it looks like Opti-Lens and Opti-Glass are not in the list:


Not sure if the metal polish MSDS is current since it's from 2010 and I think the metal polish was updated after that. I know the polishes (all of them, I think) have been updated since the MSDS was put up in 2010, so I don't know if that one is current either.

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