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On 09/01/2016 at 4:56 PM, MikeB said:

I have been coating for awhile but just resently I used the Optimum Paint Prep for a final wipe down before coating instead of alcohol distilled water mix. WOW! What a differance in the application process. The coating is way easier to apply plus it really helps with the coating self leveling. SOLD! I know for some I a behind the curve but just thought I would post it for those who havent tried it.

Yes I think this is there best product 

I have used gloss coat  three times on my car did some new paint first then the hole car then my wheels I put it on thick and thin  and doubled coated and it self levels perfectly  

I am no pro but I think the cleaner the car is the coating flows better makes sense to me

Love itlarge.596a93082c55b_elementwaitimgtowaxIMG_20170715_180110027.jpg.549c4e593ea60b28b56d3fef6c3bdc5c.jpg

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