OPP - Has anyone tried it on leather shoes?

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I tend to use a good dash of IPA, not given it any accurate thought but it is maybe 20:1 (ONR:IPA). The idea came from Chris Thomas and approved by DrG so I cannot claim any credit here.


As for the polish removal, I think it was about 100:1 or maybe 60;1. I tried it on some Menzerna compound, on glass a few years ago. IPA was good, water was not so good and ONR was almost as good as IPA but with the benefits of better lubrication. I posted the findings on DW but the response was muted.

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Interesting...will try.


I bet people on dw didn't respond as most still look at onr as witchcraft. They still believe if you don't have a ton of suds on the car then you are marring it. So pre 2008 mentality :)

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