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I'm just having trouble with the mechanics and navigation of it--this forum has always been different since it used a different software than most forums, that use vBulletin.

Usually any forum I am on I find the "new posts" button and that's how I start my visit.  I forget what the equivalent button was here, but now it's Activity/Unread Content.

Hopefully we'll all get used to this pretty quickly.

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I agree...I always click the "Todays posts" , "New posts" or other equivalent button.

This has Activity button which would be OK if it diddnt show every comment made...Its better to show in which topic or thread the comment was made than to show every single comment.

I hope you guys at OPT fix this.

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Could I suggest a darker shade of blue on the thread name font. The light blue on white is not visible enough in my opinion (not a good contrast). The blue color in the upper OPT logo is darker which makes it better IMO.

That and the "whats new" button. The old site had this. It also had the feature of choosing what was posted today, last week, month...I liked that.

There were more "emotions" on the old site. I liked them.

Just a few thoughts.

Also whats up with the leaderboard? Are we competing at something? Is there a reward (I saw the likes)? I won feb 09 2017...Do I get Opti coat pro for free for that or what?

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