Small brown marks on outside of car

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I just recently gave my white car a good washing and noticed many small brown/orange spots on the lower half of the car and especially on the rear end.  I live in Northeast Ohio.  I'm assuming it is something that I pick up from the road.  I've seen it before on other vehicles that I have cleaned.  What Optimum products work best at cleaning  off these spots?

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That is what is called as fallout or iron deposits. They are small iron parts (ussually from braking) that get stuck into the paint where they oxidize or rust in short.

Use OPT Ferrex followed by a thorough rinse. First wash the car. Work section by section. Spray on Ferrex, wait a few min until it turns purple (which should happen quickly, that means that Ferrex is reacting to iron particles and dissolving them) and aggitate with a sponge or small sponge applicator, then thoroughly rinse.

Move to a new section. I would also clay the car afterwards. I ussually use ONR as my clay lubricant but as shown in the video Optimum car wax is also an option.


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