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ONR as wax residue remover

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I know we have talked a lot about different ONR uses and today I think Ive found a wax residue remover. Let me explain.

I polished my wife's new (old and used) car as it had a ton of swirls. For that I used the Intensive polish and Hyper polish and a ONR soaked towel (2l of distilled water mixed with ONR) to remove the residue which is the OPT way. I then decided to apply a wax carnauba paste wax from another manufacturer which I knew was hard to apply but even harder to remove as it clogged up the towel with oil like residue real fast which led to just smearing. Most waxes are easy to use an to remove but this wax is hard to buff off but damn its a great performer in terms of water behavior.

Now, first I tried to remove it using a dry buffing towel but I couldn't even get half of the hood done without having wax like holograms and smears on top of the paint. So I remembered I still had that ONR soaked towel in the bucket I used to remove polish residue so I said lets try that. I took the wet towel out of the bucket, wring it out and went over the waxed part of the car followed by a dry buffing towel ever so lightly just to remove the moisture.

BOOM baby...that worked like a charm. No smearing, no unnecessary dry buffing on paint, time saver and easy to do.

...just thought Id share my experience.

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