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Hi everyone,

I recently came across the optimum product line and have some questions. To start i should add my car is coated with Ceramic Pro 9H, I would went with Opticoat if i would have known before but will on my next vehicle.  

-Since my car is coated I plan on using ONR as my main washing system. Does ONR leave any residue on the car that will affect the coatings hydrophobic ability?

-I know ONR has multiple uses, Is there a dilution chart for all of the specific uses? Also the same for Power Clean?

-I have seen the new Opticoat maintenance products that are specifically made to work with Opticoat. What are the differences between the Opticoat No Rinse, M Wash and Opticoat Tire Gel vs the original Optimum products? Will these give me any added benefit when used on my Ceramic Pro coating?

-Does Opticoat No Rinse leave anything on the paint once dried off?


Thanks in advance, I found Optimum through Matt at Obsessed Garage, The Optimum podcast and Detalks with Levi from the Rag Company. I am intrigued by Optimum and look forward to learning more. 

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Welcome to Optimum - there's years of experience on this forum!  ONR will not effect any coatings hydrophobic properties.  Dilution ratios for ONR = 1 oz to 2 gallons normal wash, 2 oz to 1 gallon clay lube, 8 oz to 1 gallon for ;pre-spray/instant detailer, and 10 oz to 1 gallon for waterless wash.  My dilution ratio for Power Clean (unofficial) = 100% PC for engines/heavy duty cleaning, 3 to 1 PC for bugs/tar/wheels, 5 to 1 for interior (and some even go 10 to 1).  Opticoat products are tweaked to use on Coated cars -  No Rinse is slicker with more gloss than traditional ONR, M Wash has greater cleaning properties, Tire Gel is not different (because you don't Coat tires).  We don't test products on competitor Coatings but Opticoat No Rinse won't affect any Coatings performance.

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