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Opti seal over wax ?

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So four months ago when I purchased a new white car I immediately cleaned it with a chamois, then waxed it  with some Mothers paste wax .  Yes  I have learned a lot since then hopefully.
So then I learned about clay bars, bought one and clayed the car.
I have never used a hose on the car yet, we also have level 3 water restrictions here so you can only use a bucket anyway.  I have never used any carwash soap on the car.
I bought a 3.8 lt ( gallon ) of Optimum no rinse wash and wax and a gallon of Meguires X-Press spray wax. ( Blame Darren Priest and Optimum youtube videos)
I bought about 50 MF cloths. 

So I have been only using ONRWW  using lots of soaked MF towels and then the Megs spray wax.

  So now  I have learned about and about to buy an 8oz Optimum Opti-seal.

So here is my noob question please.   Is it OK to apply the Opti-Seal  over the ONRWW  and the Meguires spray wax??? Will the Opti-seal work down and bond with the paint ok please?   I sincerely hope the answer is yes :)
So if its ok , after I apply Opti-seal, I will of course continue rinseless washing the car with ONRWW, and is it ok to at times also use the Megs Xpress spray wax over the Opti-seal?
Thanks in advance and regards from North Queensland Australia.

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