Opti-Pro Consistent Marring

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Hi Glen,

Opti Coat pro is  resistant to marring and scratching. This can best be seen on a panel that is 1/2 coated. If you were to see the difference over time, the side with only paint would show significant more marring than the side with Opti Coat.  Polishing your car is the only way that Opti Coat is removed.  

I am working with your installer on a resolution.

 Dr Ghodoussi, our CEO and Chemist, developed paint for DuPont for several years and  can answer  technical questions but he is on sick leave right now. 

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Maxima 777

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. As noted above you have been speaking with Dann Williams, our Director of business development, and he is guiding your claim through the process. We  need to be thorough and make sure everything is done following our established procedures to make sure that you’re situation is resolved correctly. This may take longer than you wish, but in the end it’s for your benefit.


If I can be of assistance I can be reached at 1 901 907 1957 from 7am to 10pm eastern time. You can reach me by email at

Mack Gregory, our Opti-Coat PPF Manager is available from 7am to 10pm Central Time. Mack can be reached at ‭1 (901) 461-4870‬, or 

For others that may need it Dann Williams can be reached at or ‭1 (619) 952-4814‬ from 7am to 10pm pacific time. 

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This is what customer service looks like and I'm extremely happy to see a company that stands by it's products big time.  Long time amateur detailer and  the more I learn about Optimum and it's products the more impressed I am.  Great job all!


PS. how can I add to a member's "reputation"?

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