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Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

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I just did a headlight restoration on a 2009 Toyota Camry with the following process:

1. Initial clean of headlight using 1-256 ONR solution

2. Wet sand using 1000 grit (had to do two rounds as 1000 because of significant yellowing shown in initial first picture) followed by 2000 grit then followed by 3000 grit (result after wet sanding shown in second picture).  Used ONR at 1:256 ratio instead of plain water to aid in wipe down down of "slurry".

3. Compound with Hyper Compound followed by Polish with Hyper Polish (result shown in third picture)

4. Wipe down surface with Paint Prep to remove any residue.

5. Apply opti-lens and allow minimum 1 hour before exposing to exterior (rain) elements.

So I have two questions associated with the Opti-Lens product:

1. In order to protect Opti-Lens coating over the full 7 day curing period, can I apply opti-seal over top after 1 hour like is recommended for other coatings (Gloss-Coat)?  Or is the formulation of Opti-Lens different that this may have adverse effects on longevity of the coating?

2. I know Dr. G has stated that Opti-Lens is a permanent coating but in life nothing lasts for forever.  In order to justify the higher cost to future clients, I would like to offer some form of warranty.  I also know that the longevity will be based on how good a prep I did (ensure to remove the old failing coating on plastic lens) as well as the environment it is exposed to.  Assuming I did appropriate prep, what range of time can I expect the Opti-Lens  to protect the plastic from yellowing? 2 years for really harsh environments ( desert with 12 months/year of intense sun)?  5 years for more favorable environments (SW Ontario with less than 6 months/year of intense sun)?

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at the 17:16 mark he states that he applies Opti-seal after an hour to protect the Opti-lens while it cures to the polished surface of the headlight.

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