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After months of testing I think I've found my favourite drying aid I've ever used. There's been a lot of talk about mixing products on the forum lately which is something I'm very interested in. It's a fun way to experiment with different products to come up with uses the manufacturer did not expect (or test).

I mix Optimum Instant Detailer at the standard dilution with 10-20% Optimum Car Wax and use it as a maintenance wash drying aid. This provides the following benefits:

  • 'Tops up' the full wax I do about once every month or two
  • It eliminates the usual issue of using too much wax that some people seem to do
  • The mild cleaners in the OID safely take care of any spots I might have missed while washing
  • It's impossible to use too much as it seems to just melt in to the paint
  • Lubricates the surface much better when drying compared to OCW or Opti-Seal alone
  • Provides incredible gloss levels when topping it over other products such as Opti-Seal

I am absolutely in love with it and actually look forward to drying my car after a wash because of the experience.

I've attached a (average) picture of the results from the last wash I did. I did my usual ONR wash but pre-rinsed with a pressure washer due to the amount of dirt that was on the car.


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There are none that I have found. There is no streaking on even deliberate 'over use' of the mixture. 

I prefer to do a proper application of Opti-Seal and Car Wax every month or so and maintain with this as a drying aid for now. 

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