What products to use for no-rinse wash, that protects in between monthly washes

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I would like to know what Optimum products I could use to do a waterless wash, and protect that will be hyrophobic, and uv protect for more than a month in case I can't wash again? I was thinking of washing with ONR wash and wax, and then spray optiseal as drying aid monthly, but maybe I should do regular ONR, and Spray wax? 


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Rinseless: ONR and Opti-Seal is the most effective combo (Opti-Seal takes care of the UV) but I use ONR wash & wax to get the look to change a bit even if I always use Opti-Seal as a drying aid. PS. Less is more when we are talking about Optimum products so really try to understand this! Do not buff the Opti-Seal high spots, think rather in terms of leveling (very gentle).

Waterless: Look at Optimum Opti-Clean. This is what I use as a pre-spray befor ONR washes in the wintertime. Has a bit more of cleaning power.

To start with, I would clean the car very thoroughly and maybe even use Optimum Paint prep before applying Opti-Seal to get the maximum bonding possible.

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