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This is my 2019 F-150,

I started with a pressure wash off of the big stuff, wheels and tires Power Clean 3:1,  ONR pre spray (256:1) in a garden pump sprayer, followed by BRS ONR wash, clay towel with OCW, then dried with Opti-Seal. Tires done with Opti Bond Tire Gel.

Interior vacuumed and plastics cleaned with Power Clean 30:1 and a detail brush, glass with ONR, any spots in carpet or seats with Fabric Clean and protect 3:1.


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Mostly I used ONR (blue or green) but once in a while I’ll use the power clean. I am trying to decide which I prefer. I like the idea of a dedicated interior cleaner which is why I made 30:1, which the rag company referred to as the dilution for that. 

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