Opti Coat / Opti Seal is very slick on my application?

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After stripping and polishing my truck I applied Opti Coat and then a layer of Opti Seal an hour later and the finish is veeery slick, even more so than with Jescar PowerLock. I thought I read a couple of posts here that said that ppl didn't think the product was slick after applying.  After I stripped and polished and before applying the panels "squeaked" when I rubbed my finger on them just like a bare finish should. About 12 hours after I applying, I poured a glass of water on the hood and it beaded like nothing I had ever seen, so I was pretty sure it is covered.  Again, I just cannot believe the slickness I am feeling on the panels and I am questioning this based on some posts here saying ppl didn't think it was slick. 

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Comparisons are always difficult (impossible?) - one man's slick is another's tacky.  What's important is how it feels to YOU...

I've had more than one "discussion" with posters about how big water beads are...and hey it matters.

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